Application & Removal 101

  • Although press on nails can be cut and filed, cutting them down does break the "seal" of the gel polish, leaving it more prone to chipping or peeling. Whenever possible, order your shape and length customization so that modification isn't needed later.
Press On Nail Removal
As you probably already know, you should never pull off press ons that are still attached to the nail bed -- this can cause a lot of damage.
Gentle removal:
  • Soak your nails in very warm, soapy water for 10-15 minutes to loosen the glue. 
  • Gently rock each press on nail left to right to loosen them, but don't pull!
  • Grab some cuticle oil (or any oil you have on hand) and apply it to the underside of each nail, and in between any lifted areas you can find. This speeds up the removal even more.
  • Continue to alternate between soaking and applying oil if needed until the nails easily pop off.

To re-use your press on set:

Use a nail file or sanding stick to buff off any glue residue on the back of your press on nails. That's it! They are ready to be re-applied.

If you plan to reuse press on sets, its a good idea to purchase a cheap nail e-file drill.