Size and Fit 101


If you have never shopped with us before, there are a few ways you can ensure that your Ritzi Nails fit great. 

  1. Order a Press On Sizing Kit  (Recommended!)
    Sizing Kits ship fast, and for free! 
      • Receive a sample pack of all nail sizes in your chosen shape
        • Please note, while most of our nail shapes have consistent sizing, a few shapes do vary. If you want to purchase another nail shape or length in the future, please contact us to determine whether you should purchase another sizing kit.
      • Match each press on nail to your finger until you find the one that fits.
      • Write the best size fit for each finger on the card.
      •  Complete our Nail Size Submission form.
      • Choose the "custom" size option when adding your nails to your cart, and checkout!

    2. Measure your nails and use our Nail Size Chart
      • Using a soft tape measure, measure the widest part of each nail bed (in millimeters) and compare it to our chart to find your size.
      • If you don't have a soft tape measure -- place a piece of clear tape across your nail bed, and use an ink pen to draw a line on each side of your nail. Remove the tape and place it against any ruler or measuring tape to find the width of your nail bed in Millimeters (mm).
      •  Complete our Nail Size Submission form.
      • Choose the "custom" size option when adding your nails to your cart, and checkout!

    3. Order a FULL SIZE nail set 

      • For select Ritzi Nail sets, you can order a set of 20-24 nails that include the full range of sizes 0-9. Keep in mind that the placement of any accent nails may vary from the pictures in our shop.
      • Make sure to write down the nail sizes, so you are ready to order a custom set next time you order that shape!

      Tips for a perfect fit:

      • The press on should cover your nail bed from sidewall to sidewall, without leaving any gaps at the sides.
      • Good fit is crucial -- a nail that is too small or too large will most likely lift within the first few days, if not sooner.
      • If you have to apply too much pressure for the nail to cover the sidewalls, you most likely need to choose the next larger size.
      • If your finger is in between sizes, order the next size larger. You can always lightly file the sides and cuticle area to get the perfect fit!
      • Measure all 10 fingers! It is not uncommon to wear the same size on multiple fingers, or to wear different sizes on each hand (like me!)